Why Pizza is the Best Franchising Opportunity

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Why Pizza is the Best Franchising Opportunity

One of our clients, Blocks Pizza, is offering pizza franchise opportunities to investors, and we’re helping them to market both that and their superior quality pizza. I figured I’d sit down and write up what I appreciate about the pizza industry, and how, in our research, it’s revealed itself as one of the best franchising options an investor could hope for. Let’s take a look at what makes pizza the ideal franchising option.

Pizza Sells Itself

Americans eat about 100 ACRES of pizza per day. Unlike a lot of fast food, pizza occupies a special place in American culture that’s become synonymous with a relaxing night in, Netflix, and your closest friends. As a result, marketing for pizza is less about getting people interested in the product (everybody already loves it!), it’s more about reminding people of the fact that it’s there, and that our client’s is the best pizza in Miami!

It’s Low Overhead

A lot of restaurants, franchises and independent businesses alike, suffer from a waste issue. That’s because a steak restaurant needs to stock those extra 20 filet mignons, just in case there’s a popular night for it, and more often than not ends up throwing half of them out. The same goes for other cuts of meat, desserts, and other relatively expensive items that drive up the cost of doing business in an already competitive industry.

This isn’t a huge problem in the pizza world, because pizzas are typically topped by either preserved or inexpensive ingredients. Vegetables can be bought daily and don’t constitute a high financial risk, and pepperoni, cheese, olives, artichokes, and other important and more expensive toppings are preserved by default, meaning that oversupply can generally be used up before it expires.

There’s Training for Franchisees

Within pizza franchising, franchisees can expect a significant level of training from their franchisor. While this obviously makes sense, since a parent company should be invested in the success of their franchisees, it’s not common practice among all franchising businesses.

Because of this, an investor who’s looking at changing gears is much more likely to succeed working with pizza franchises than in other areas of the food industry, or in other franchising industries.

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